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NEW - XOS College Sports now available on Sony PS3.

You can now enjoy all your favorite sports content on one of the most popular gaming consoles, Sony PlayStation3. You can find the XOS College Sports app in the TV/Video Services section of your PS3 main menu. Click here for details. "My Library" Enabled: YES

Now on Sony Bravia Internet Video (BIV) enabled Blu-ray players and HDTVs. Simply launch the Sony DASH Internet Viewer and look for the XOS College Sports icon. Click on the icon and enjoy complimentary access to full games, documentaries and highlight shows spanning multiple conferences and decades. More on Sony BIV devices "My Library" Enabled: N/A

XOS College Sports on Samsung SmartTV. Now available on 2010/11 model Samsung connected Blu-ray players and HDTVs. You can download the XOS College Sports app by clicking the Samsung Apps section within your connected device. For more information visit the Samsung SmartTV App Store. "My Library" Enabled: YES

XOS College Sports on Google TV. All content rented/purchased from is ready for immediate viewing from your Google TV device. "My Library" Enabled: YES

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Welcome Boxee users to XOS College Sports on Smart TV. You now have access to all your favorite SEC teams. Learn more about Boxee at "My Library" Enabled: YES

Now available on Roku, the #1 selling streaming player. Welcome Roku users. You're now able to rent and watch XOS College Sports videos from your Roku device. To learn more about Roku, please visit "My Library" Enabled: YES

Available on LG Connected HDTVs and Blu-ray Players. Looks for XOS College Sports on your LG connected TV device, including HDTVs ad Blu-ray players. Simply download the app, login and watch all your XOS College Sports content, right from you living room. Learn more about LG Smart TV. "My Library" Enabled: YES

Attention WD TV Live users: XOS College Sports is now available. It's now possible for you to watch all your favorite sports programming from the convenience of your WD TV Live account. Click here for details on how to find the XOS College Sports app on WD TV Live. "My Library" Enabled: YES

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Smart TV- Program Lineup

- NFF - College Football History
2012 BCS Bowls - 15-min. highlights

- BCS Nat'l Championship
- BCS Sugar Bowl
- BCS Orange Bowl
- BCS Fiesta Bowl
Full Original Broadcast
- 01/14/12 - Kentucky v Tennessee MBB

On Demand Full Games

FREE FULL GAMES - Trusted Picks

11/08/08 - Alabama v LSU
11/19/05 - Clemson v So. Carolina
09/05/96 - Notre Dame v Vandy
10/27/79 - Florida State v LSU
12/03/11 - North Carolina v Kentucky MBB

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